New In//March!*

primark dress
Primark Dress//Saw this dress in a magazine, wasn't really impressed but than I saw it in person and my jaw dropped...Absolutely love it!*

primark dress, primark shorts
Primark 'paperbag' shorts//These shorts fit high-waisted and are very hard to find...After I wore some I got from JCPenny years ago to death, I could never find the perfect one, until now...Oh how I love Primark!*

american apparel, primark dress, primark shorts
American Apparel Spandex High-Waist Legging (click)//I know Disco Pants are all the rave right now but for someone who's been looking for high-waist leggings for what feels like forever, these leggings are perfection! Maybe it's because I'm short but these fit right where they're supposed to, I've had Zara high-waist leggings before and was contemplating to buy them again but these beat Zara's hands down!*

new look brogues
New Look Brogues//I always said I never liked how these look on me and than I tried them on with cuffed jeans, OMG! Loved it! These are perfect for a smart look!*

primark bikini
Primark Bikini Top & Earrings//The earrings just remind me of my mom's vintage jewelry so I had to get them but the bikini top...OMG! Love Love LOVE! I never wear complete bikini looks, I wear everything mismatched because I can't stand bikini's that look like uniforms...excuse my weirdness! Anyways, as soon as I saw these I had to get them, the colors are just as vibrant as pictured if not more and the print is just fabulous...I'm officially on the hunt for neon orange or neon pink bottoms!*

Dune boots
Dune Booties//Ok, I had some booties I bought on sale years ago but I tend to wear things to death and so I killed them...I've been on the hunt for simple black booties for over a year now and than today my heart skipped a beat...These were not on the planning but when you run into these types of classic must-haves, you have to get them! What won me over was the high top because I can't stand shoes playing peek-a-boo with my pants at the ankles, it annoys me to death so this one was just perfect...Love it!*

Primark//Pink & Beige Thread Necklaces (Top & Bottom)
Market//Horn Necklace - I used to have a necklace like this but than some mofo decided to steal it and I was left sans horn...I went to the market today and fell in love with this red one...Can you believe it was only €2,50? It's probably vintage...Can't wait to wear it!*
ToV Essentials//Bracelet - Another item I've been patiently waiting on..This time I was waiting for the price to go down..As gorgeous as I think this bracelet is, I was not willing to pay €90,- for it...Finally got it for €59,-..Little happy customer, yes yes!*
H&M//Gold & Pearls Necklace - I had been eyeing this necklace for such a long time but never bought it as it seemed too big but after trying it on I don't know how I could ever doubt myself like that, it looks gorge!*

In other news, I have decided to install a shopping ban again...I tend to buy new clothes instead of doing laundry and I think I want to travel this summer or at least party my tuhus off since I'm dying over here interning in order to graduate...I don't know if I'll survive since I shop when stressed so keep an eye out for further developments in coming months...If I stop posting or replying to your comments, my shopping ban probably killed me!*



Rach said...

love the dress and that bikini top! soo perfect for spring!!


ChicAdvisor said...

The dress looks like it would be very flattering on.
Hope you will be posting outfit posts with it on in the future as I would be curious to see the fit. :)

I have a giveaway on April 1. Please come check it out.


GlamorousGirl said...



Tendancez-vous said...

I love the brogues :)


Vickita said...

I love the first dress! It's super cute :)

- Victoria

Arden said...

That dress is so gorgeous! xx

Annie said...

That bikini top is awesome!

The Other Side of Gray

ylenia said...

The bikini is so cool!!!
Great purchases =)
New outfit on my blog, check it out!

The Desert Fox said...

Great buys doll! Enjoyyy :)


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