Hey dolls, introducing a new weekly post especially for those who don't have instagram... SundayRoundUp!* will be my new weekly post of my life through instagram...
Like any other week, this week went by extremely fast... Aside from the dinners with friends, I finally watched Oprah's Kardashian-Jenner interview and I started watching Empire Girls which I absolutely loved...As you can see I'm obsessed with strawberries and my converses have seen the light of day more often than normal this week...Those beautiful flowers are what I call my little garden at work and next to it, a bust I styled at work... Hope to give you a better impression of my life through this post and I hope you enjoy it!*

My instagram: LuxaChic



Audrey Allure said...

Such lovely photos! :)

Maggie ☮ said...

I watched Oprah's Kardashian-Jenner interview.. honestly I can't get enough of that family. #guiltypleasure

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