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Aaah, dear beautiful gorgeous angels... This week has gone by so fast!* I barely remember it but one thing I'm truly happy I got off my checklist is cleaning out my closet and finally bringing the clothes I didn't want anymore *half of my closet* to those who need it most... It took me a while but I'm so proud of myself for doing it and I'm even thinking of doing another round when the time is right... Giving is free and helping those who need it most is an incredible power we all have!* And... let me just say that Lana Del Rey is my new fave... National Anthem is my personal anthem, absolutely love it!* Last but not least, I instagrammed some of my favorite outfits, a jacket that might get on my wishlist, my manicure for this week and my absolute most favorite thing that happened today... My beautiful colleague made me a rose to cheer me up... She made me so happy =))!*

My instagram: LuxaChic


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