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Hi dolls, had a great week with two major highlights... First, my gorgeous Marc b. bag arrived... My first TopShop order and it came just in time for my second highlight... I was worried about it because I was leaving for my holiday soon (hence the passport at the end)... But it arrived and it's absolutely gorgeous!*
Second, I'm on holiday... I'm home - Curaçao!* I'll try to keep the posts as regular as possible so don't worry!* Other than that, my week went just fine aside from the hair issues, hot summer days and cute little crop top I made... Hope you had a great week too!*

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Mia's Little Corner said...

Great and stylish pictures! Love all the pretty jewelry pieces!! <3

Stop by some time:)


Mia's Little Corner

Martina said...

So jealous that you're in Curaçao!!! one of my best friends has spent last year there, and everytime he uploads a photo to fb I die of envy! xx

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