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Ugh, my instagramming has not progressed at all this week... Between work, gym and the non-existent social life I barely had time to document it all through instagram... At least the week started off with the extreme hotness that are T.I. and Bow Wow... Look at them... *drool* ...I also received my first issue of the Dutch Vogue this month, sadly, I'm not impressed... I went to a tattoo and piercing shop with my friend... No, I didn't get anything... I don't want anything and even if I wanted, I'm too scared of pain to actually dare make a move... I also tried catching up on some sleep, this week, I succeeded... I am well rested! My inner geek secretly enjoys playing Tetris, I love it! And, lastly, yes... I sinned!*

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Borjana said...

Heaven for my eyes,love it honey!;)

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