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Another week which has gone by too fast...Aside from working, I jumped on the healthy living wagon this week...Although expensive, it's very much worth it...I absolutely love the quote in the corner and I hope it inspires others to embrace your decisions and the life you're creating for yourself... One of the loser things I like to do is read other people's opinions on irrelevant entertainment news, I have to say, I find it absolutely hilarious hihi... The weekly visits to Zara have not stopped and I am overjoyed that Zara has been adding bib necklaces or as others might call them, statement necklaces to their collections... As you may have noticed, I love them! Trying out some fall trends with the purple lipstick, yeah, I dig it... And I have my umbrella to get me through this windy and rainy fall... Oh well, that Zara bag keeps me happy!*

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