Life // Sunday Round Up!*

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I love yet dread this post because it only makes me realize, how fast time passes by... I tried my very best to be personally productive this week... I did my administration (or 1/100th part of it), went to the gym and finally tried this new formula for my hair... Apparently mixing shampoo, olive oil and sea salt deeply cleans your hair and leaves it super soft... That cat in the corner? Yes, that's my sense of humor and I hope there are more Twihards out there who just like me can not wait for the premiere... As I said, my excitement runneth over... Had a birthday party over the weekend, oh what a party it was... Look at that puppy, at some point in life, I shall have a little friend to call my own... Doesn't the Essie shelf look amazing... I haven't been able to justify over €10,- for a nailpolish yet... Maybe one day!*

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