Life // Sunday Round Up!*

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I secretly freak out every week because let's face it, it's like life is speeding up and I've lost the notion of time... Monday night was manicure night, I love Catrice, I have so so  many of their polishes that I stopped buying... I should use them more though, I admit, I get bored easily...And than, Tuesday came and the postman made me so extremely happy... I've been waiting on my Mango purchases from the moment I ordered and I can't tell you how much I love the sweater and t-shirt... Too perfect for words... Ugh, yes, I go to photoshop classes too... Not that I've been practicing or anything but I should because this week is going to be my last class and I should probably make sure I understood everything... The other day I went to work and wore my camo and faux fur jackets together, I really liked the combo, I'll probably wear it again and do a post... Last but not least, I've been totally in love with Pink's Blow me one last kiss, she's so amazing... I'm heartbroken her concert is sold out... In case you haven't noticed, I love loafers and the leopard ones are my favorites!*

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