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The week started off with a check up at the dentist and praise the Lord it's all good in the hood! There's a department store here in The Netherlands called 'De Bijenkorf' and they always have THE best displays, it just makes me so happy to see and they always capture the seasons and festivities perfectly... Ah, the gorgeousness that are the new Converses... I haven't worn them yet but hopefully soon! When I can't sleep I stalk people on youtube and hope that my favorites post videos to keep me entertained haha, Lexi (username: So Totally Vlog) is one of my absolute favorites.. Her style is very different yet she has some of the most beautiful pieces and incredible outfits... Thursday night must have been cheating night cuz I had me some fries with that fish (it tasted damn good too haha)... Since the flatmates broke one of the washing machines I woke up extra early to get like 4 loads done... My house looks like a laundr-o-mat right about.. Oh well, at least the clothes have been washed... After a trip to the gym I walked through Hema (something like Walmart but 1/1000 of the size) and they did a great job at redoing the make up section.. It looks so gorgeous and tempted me to buy something but NO, we're sticking to the budget!*

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Erin Edwards said...

Thank you for sharing! Yes, we really are in the season now. Time for us to get moving!



mademoiselle mode said...

Lovely pics ^^
I love all :)

New post - Kisses

mademoiselle mode said...

lovely inst pics :)

New post - Kisses

Estefanía Ainoza said...

Great pictures!! I love it!!!

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