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I was a bit snap happy this week, got more shots than usual... I invested in a L'Oreal lipstick, and I say invested because it was the exact color I was looking for and it was slightly cheaper than Mac... As much as I love lipsticks, sometimes they can be quite expensive but this one was oh so worth it! You do have to build it up as it can be quite sheer on the first couple of applications but since my favorite brand Inglot is so vibrant, I put a coat of Inglot lipstick and added the L'Oreal on top, the color is called Rock n Mauve and it's absolutely gorgeous, all the shots with purple lips is Rock n Mauve... Moving on to some yummy food, I managed to grill a salmon without breaking it haha... I live for fish, any kind, any where, I love! Then the I'm not in the mood to dress up day came... I wore my Jordans and some red lips, very quick and simple, just like I like it! If you follow me on everything, you may have noticed that I loved the purple lips so much that I updated all my social media's with the same profile picture...

Further more, this week I completed my photoshop course... I couldn't be happier... Let the practicing begin! I spotted this coat at Zara and I absolutely adore it! The only problem is, I wanted to start a shopping ban at the end of the month but I am SO in love, I don't know what to do! It's perfect for winter but not cheap... HELP! The day FINALLY arrived for me to go to Breaking Dawn Part 2... I LOVED IT! It started it off a bit blah but I ended up loving it! I'll probably go watch it again... And if you didn't read the precious posts, yes... I am extremely in love with my colorful, printed blazer, neon necklace and leopard loafers, SO gorgeous! For someone who was late the next day, I quite loved the outfit I wore... Orange and dark green, impromptu colorblocking but I loved it! And finally, after trying a sip of bubble tea, I got my own, it's quite amazing, try it! If you're always on the move like me, get The Blonde Salad's app and never miss a post... Genius!*

How was your week.. Anything exciting?

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