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Loved this week's ModayQuote... Even though sometimes it's hard, it's so simple to do... Monday was my official start of the holiday season, I had Christmas dinner with my colleagues and when I came home, little Ms. Vogue was waiting on me... Always a nice surprise! I had a Timberland day during the week, after finally breaking them in I gotta admit that I've fallen even more in love with them... I love my little owl bff too haha, I went for bubble tea... The lady looked at me like I was crazy when I asked for strawberry juice with strawberry bubbles... Did I break some kind of bubble tea law? It freaked me out a bit... Hmmm, this fur vest is my end of the year challenge, I need to score it on sale... I've been eyeing it since forever and since I have the outerwear faux fur vest from H&M I told myself I will not pay full price for this beauty but the anxiety is killing me! Thankfully, I finally found a huge ass mug I've been searching for, for what seems like forever! It's unbelievable how much coffee and tea I've been enjoying lately... And than, H&M came, should I do a mini haul post? I don't know, maybe I'll just wear my new stuff already haha... And yes, I am completely caught up with my friends from the upper east side!*

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