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Yes, I admit, life passed me by this week... I can barely remember it all but what I do know is that I had fun... Started the week off by giving myself a manicure, followed by some make up adventures and out I went with my Marc Jacobs babies... I finally gave in and bought that Sephora brush and if I may say so myself... Worth every penny! After a trip to Primark where I picked up the cutest lip balm ever and some dinner, I headed home to one of the best How I met your mother episodes ever! Of course, I also engage in useless instagram giveaways because hey, you never know, you might just win... And than, praise the Lord, Friday came! Had some delicious bubble tea and a friend made some amazing dinner... Not a bad week at all, huh?!

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berry said...

Nice round up , i wish i had the time to do these more often i just dont have the energy to rmmbr to snap a pick everyday

btw it was me who saw you hihi and posted it on FB i was just way 2 shy and it seemed like u wur in some kind of hurry

xoxoxo B'

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