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It snowed...*sigh* As pretty as it looks, I have to admit that it's extremely annoying as well and don't even talk about the wind... So, I took out my Timbs and headed through the storm, yes, as mild as it is, I still call it storm... I can proudly say that I've been surviving haha... Eagerly awaiting Summer, I did a quick DIY on an H&M shirt I bought a couple of weeks ago... I love it and can't wait to wear it! If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram, you would've known about the American Apparel Friends & Family Sale... I sinned, I couldn't help it... I could not pass up on this deal, I've been waiting since forever! In the midst of it all I went to H&M too, I got a dress and this cover! I absolutely love this cover, I fell in love with it and had to have it! So... I got it! And again, I survived the storm, Uggs, faux fur scarf and all!*

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berry said...

OMG i need to go chek out the sale as soon as possible i want sum disco pants

berry said...

on one hand am sad i missed the snow when i was there, but then i again i dont cuz it would have ruined most of the plans i had gheheheh

nice post as ussuall xoxo

Natalia GutiƩrrez said...

How lucky you are of having Uggs in those snowy moments. I am in Paris without them and it isn't fun. Nice post ;)


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