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As promised last week on Facebook, this week you would get a double whammy... And so here we are, from snow to 10°C and everything in between... I spent a lot of time with friends, build Carmensita (the big booty hoe/snowwoman), lunch dates and finally received my American Apparel order (I'll do a post on that this week)... I would've never guessed that my Jordans could keep me as warm as they did during some of these cold days but I was pleasantly surprised... Yes, that tiny little clown is me, found it when I was going through my stuff... I also finally managed to get my hands on some Moroccan oil, I kid you not, I am dying to finally try it! As you can see, I wore my glasses a couple of times this week, I was either very tired or busy with school haha, either way, geekchic all the way! Aside from the constant strawberry addiction I'm feeding, I also fed my addiction to all things pink and cute in my room, addiction to quotes and Sex and the City... Sigh, so many little things in life that I just love, they keep me happy... Do you see those tiny little lights? My friend has the best view at night... Not so breathtaking during the day but at night, I swear you instantly feel inspired to change your life and be more awesome instead... And after a night out, duty calls!*

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