Beauty | Ritual's Sakura Collection Products Review!*

Ritual's was kind enough to provide me with a box with a couple of the Sakura Collection products so, I thought it would be fitting to do a mini review.

Shower Foam
I couldn't imagine what the shower foam would be like but it's so thick. You literally need one pump. That one pump keeps foaming up and lathers so, so well. It also smells so nice and makes for such a relaxing shower.


Body Cream
A good body cream is always a plus and this one is glorious. So thick, very moisturizing and incredibly nourishing. After a good shower, this body cream feels amazing on the skin.


Shower Oil
So, you need to apply the shower oil on damp skin and massage it into your skin till it becomes foamy and then rinse it off. WoW! Your skin is so soft afterwards. Not oily at all but nicely moisturized.


Body Scrub
Made with organic sugars and softening oils, this body scrub is incredible. You apply the body scrub on damp skin in rotating motions and rinse off afterwards. What I loved the most is that my skin was super soft afterwards and not oily at all.


All in all, I love the products. They smell phenomenal and do exactly what they are supposed to do. They left my skin beautifully moisturized and glowing. Loved them!


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