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When it comes to hair products, I'm always looking for the next best thing.. One day I'm trying to transition to natural and another day I'm roaming around drugstores looking for the best relaxer.. So, as you can imagine, this indecisiveness, can cause a lot of stress and damage to my hair..

A long came, L'Oreal.. Mind you, when I first tried this trio, I was still mid crisis with half relaxed hair.. I was blown away.. A lot of shampoos and conditioners tend to leave my hair brittle and dull.. Not this trio.. I could barely tell a difference between my natural and relaxed hair.. Split ends were barely noticeable and my hair smelled so good!

Two weeks down the road, I decide to relax my hair anyways because whatever, and my natural brown color was coming through, so I colored it black also.. 

This time around, I applied the mask also, to minimize the amount of damage the chemicals would do to my hair and again.. After I was done, I was like, processed hair,where?! My hair was supple, voluminous, shiny and my ends.. My dear ends look better than before..

All by all, I can honestly say that this trio truly do their names justice and repair the hair.. The difference is instantly noticeable and even on my type of hair, it simply works!

I look forward to see how my hair will be growing while I finish them up.. Fingers crossed!*


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