The Final Veridict!*

Hii loves,,

Haven't posted in a couple of days...I've been thinking about my dilemma and...I know what I'm gonna do!

My original plan was to lift my shopping-ban on March 1st, I'm gonna stick to that plan!
I have to say, it feels great to have that ''I-ain't-buying-sh**'' attitude!
Now, I'm not gonna go crazy on March 1st but since I know how to contain myself now, I'll just give myself the ok to shop. And, in order to correctly decide whether to buy something or not, some key questions will have to be answered (tip!*) such as:

-Is it worth it? (As in, is this a classic piece or is this just a one time thing?)
-Can I think of more than 3 ways to wear it?
-Is this a good buy? (If I wait, can I get it cheaper/will it still be available if I wait?)

Regarding that perfect Zara black dress I found, I just added it to my wishlist and if it's meant to will be! It's just a risk I'm gonna have to take!

I made a wishlist (tip!*) in order to keep focused on what it is that I really want...Let's admit it, during sales, prices blind you and you end up buying 10 other pieces you didn't plan on!

Oh well, Untill that day...I'll keep looking at my wishlist and try not to add anymore!

Muhahaha,, New Look,, Zara & River Island won't know what hit them this spring/summer!

Toooodles...Ms. Allee...xXx

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