Kim Kardashian's 7 Style Must-Haves!*

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Had to go in for an exam but now I'm back and here's the second article from InStyle.

Kim Kardashian's 7 Style Must-Haves

1. A Trench Coat
"Find a great trench coat and you'll look good even if you need to keep it on over your outfit."

*In order to get more use out of it, buy it in a neutral color and make sure it's not too busy!

2. A Black Blazer
"You can dress it up or down, wear it with pants or over a dress—a black blazer works with everything."

*You know I'm a fan...See how many people recommend a blazer? Get one (a few actually)!

3. High-Waisted Pants
"They're something a bit different but still very flattering on most figures."

*I absolutely love this but if you're as short as I am, wear these pants with heels, if not, you'll look cute but oompa-loompa cute!

4. A Wide Belt
"I like to wear things that emphasize my waist, so I wear a lot of belts."

*This is key, to get that hourglass shape!

5. Leggings
"They're easy, comfortable and come in all kinds of fabrics and textures."

*She forgot to mention, they're sexy without showing any skin!

6. Super-High Heels
"I wear a lot of heels! They give you extra height, plus they lengthen your legs and make you look leaner."

*Aside from the tips above, heels just make you feel like Carrie Bradshaw and there's nothing sexier than confidence right? Remember, practice makes perfection!

7. Jumpsuits
"They come and go out of style, but jumpsuits are chic and sexy no matter what."

*She's right but jumpsuits only work when they fit right so if it doesn't look quite right, it probably isn't!

Hope you're gonna use the tips!...Ms. Allee...xXx

images & tips via InStyle

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