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So yesterday, I went to Amsterdam with a friend... We went kind of late so we didn't stay that long... Ever since I've been here, I wanted to go to the P.C. Hooftstraat... This is a street with all the luxury brands on it... Sadly, I wasn't impressed... I was expecting to get that Beverly Hills/Rodeo Drive feeling but no...

However, I did get this feeling in Antwerp so I'm thinking whenever I need my Beverly Hills dose I'll hop on the train and go to Antwerp!

In other news...I went to River Island for the heels again but I left empty handed again! The reason: I put the heels on, but my feet didn't look as pretty as they did when I first tried them on and my friend brought an important fact to light... See, I'm very short (1.59m) and with the wedges on I looked unnaturally tall... And to be honest, when I looked in the mirror I felt a bit like Khloe Kardashian so...no!

Also, if I were to be perfectly honest, I love the fact that I'm short and I love flats so instead of buying the wedges, I'm saving up for the summer...This is the new plan: Zara has crazy sales in the summer so I'm saving up for a shopping spree...I would like a new camera, and...I want to go somewhere in the summer so there's enough to be done with the money!

Remember what I told you: when in doubt, don't buy!

images via PCHooftstraat.nl

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