The Heineken Experience!*


Primark Boyfriend Blazer, Top & Ballerinas...H&M Pants...Invito Bag

Since summer vacation sort of already started, my cousin and I took a trip to The Heineken Brewery... What an experience... We had loads of fun, I drank beer for the first time, didn't like it and saw how to tap beer the right way... If you're ever in Amsterdam I suggest you take the tour, as for me, I'll stick to chapmagne!*

Ms. Allee


Fashion Insanity said...

I live in Amsterdam, but I never took the tour... But maybe I should after reading your post :)

Jarette (juh-rette) said...

looked like a cool experience...

simplychic said...

fun times! i've done the sam adams tour in boston and i left pretty tipsy ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh, so nice pics!
I'm in love with Amsterdam! Great city :)

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