New In//Converse!*

Hello loves...

Today was my last vacation day...What better way to close off vacation than a shopping trip? As you'll see from these pictures, I got a new camera...Since I'm not technical I won't do a separate post...All you gotta know is, it's a Canon...So, we're good to go!

As you could see from my wishlist I only had 4 items I was dying to get...First of all, I think the 'don't-spend-money-Lords' are out to get me because before I knew it, my beloved YSL Arty Ring was SOLD OUT in my size! I can NOT believe it! I went to buy it like 24 hours after doing the post and poof...No More! But no worries, if it's meant to be (which I wholeheartedly hope so) I'll get it in the future!

Secondly, some little freak bought my DKNY wallet which they only had one of at the store...So, I ordered it online...Can't wait to get it!

Last but not least, those H&M pants are nowhere to be found but ironically I saw like 10 people wearing them today...I'm guessing that's gonna be another online order but I'll see...I'll wait till I get another urge to shop and I'll buy them!

Anyways, aside from the reasons I still have to go shopping, here's one why I shouldn't...I got my Converse sneakers...WootWoot!

So, say welcome to my new camera AND new sneakers!*

Converse All Star Ox

Ms. Allee


BreezeyBee said...

congrats on the new camera AND sneakers lucky girl
Breezeybee Blog

Evelyn said...

Love those Comverse!
and cant wait to see more pics of your other stuff♥

Wynne Prasetyo said...

i love converse!

vintage process said...

I love it!!

Lu said...

Love converse!!


Anonymous said...

WELCOME TO THE WORLD CAM CAM! I reaaally hate when that happens - you have your heart set on a lil gem just the day before and the next day its sold out!! I mean what the hell is someone stalking me and buying what I want out of spite??? (and breathe) lol. Anyhoo those classic converses, ya can't go wrong, gotta love 'em! x

Urban art + street fashion addict:

Bad Joan said...

Can't go wrong with Converse from any decade.


HerPhoenix said...

love love love <333

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