Never Again!*

Necklace..Primark//Sweater..Vintage//Jeans..Primark//Boots..New Look

Before you continue, I assure you that I did not know (I checked) that it would snow like it snowed yesterday...I'm sure the other women in heels I saw through out the day didn't know either...I shouldn't say anything bad about New Look because it's a brand I genuinely like, buy from and work for but LawdaMercy! Those boots are never touching my feet again!
No support, weird fit, painful as hell and possibly just bad luck...After my legs going numb several times a day, snowing for however long it did, getting new shoes and public transportation dying because of snow I can honestly say I survived one of the weirdest days ever...Hilarious, but never again! My fabulous 'walking in high heels' talent couldn't save me from this one...I'll stick to my trusted Uggs and Timberlands...These boots can suck it...Love how they looked though!



H* said...

I love the Necklace, the books , the sweater... Lovely

Kisses from Spain!

Style4Curves said...

that necklace and those boots!!! LOVE!!!!!!!!

NICOLE said...

great red sweater!!1


Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

You look unbelievably fabulous in red!


Vale ♥ said...

It snowed here in Italy too, and I had to wear my UGG boots and leave my beloved stilettos at home ;)
great red sweater !

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Alazne said...

i like your sweater! and neclace is so cute!! i like the blog!



DediLovesFashion said...

great outfit. I love your necklace.

agnes said...

l est magnifique ce Necklace

très jolie tenue, et j'adore tes bottes

Lidiya said...

I adore the sweater, stunning colour <3

Scorttarius.style said...

Love the sweater!

Vee4ViBranT said...

Thanks for dropping by, love the look and I want that necklace. So gor.....

Sincerely Mally said...

Very cute hun! Love your necklace!


maphi said...

awww looool this is why i hate snow , it just makes everything bad , too cold , killing blood circulation...the whole lot looool but you looked stunning xoxo

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