Outfit//Camo & Pearls!*

H&M, Primark, Camo Jacket, Swap Shop, DIY, Asos

H&M, Primark, Camo Jacket, Swap Shop, DIY, Asos

H&M, Primark, Camo Jacket, Swap Shop, DIY, Asos
Necklace..H&M//Dress..Primark//Camo Jacket..Swap Shop//Clutch..DIY//Ballerina's..Primark//Watch..Asos

Absolutely love the contrast this outfit creates between elegance and rugged... A perfect balance!*


Frank Vinyl said...

ooo i just bought a jacket like this a bit ago!love the look


Jennifer said...

Amazing look! I love the military jacket <3

The Celebrity Look

Mesmerize said...

wow!! that camo jacket is gorgeous!

Yaël Ricquier said...

love the outfit!

Ashley Udoh said...

Love your mix of elegance and rugged. After seeing these pics I want a camo jacket of my own.


Lydia said...

Nice outfit! You can never go wrong with camo!

Janet Mandell said...

GREAT camou look girl!!!!

LOVE it :)

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Confessions of A Confused City Girl said...

Love this look. You're the second person this week that I've seen mix sexy and rugged with the cammo shirt.

Confessions Of A City Girl

Creando mi armario said...

I love the contrast of this look, it's amazing!!
Have a nice weekend !

Denisse Schnabel said...

Love the outfit!the watch isss great!!!I want one with a similar style :)

Clara Turbay said...

Nice look. love it.

Fashion Insanity said...

Great look! Love the clutch!

Lauren said...

What a fabulous combination of the pearls and camo!! You look so classic and I love the bun to top it off--very jackie kennedyesque!!

adorn la femme

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