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Mango, t-shirt, sweatshirt

Mango, t-shirt, sweatshirt

Mango, t-shirt, sweatshirt
Sweatshirt & Linen T-shirt // Mango

I never really shopped at Mango because they're sizing is somewhat questionable and the collections never really appealed to me... They also have great jewelry but in my opinion, too pricey but than, this summer happened... It's like Mango got amazing over the summer... I've been looking for the perfect sweatshirt for a very long time, one that's warm, stylish yet affordable... And guess what? Mango has it! I got the No1 Paris Boutique New York Sweatshirt and It was so worth it! It looks great, feels comfortable and had some compassion towards my wallet... Now, the linen t-shirt on the other hand, is slightly expensive (for what looks like a plain t-shirt) I find BUT I bought the white version over the summer in Cura├žao and I kid you not... The BEST t-shirt I have ever bought, worth every single penny... So, I got the charcoal version too... Oh, so worth it!*

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Martina said...

hahaha, right now I'm wearing the Paris sweater you've bought! you're gonna love it, it goes well with almost anything! xx
pd: please, can I ask you to leave a comment on the last post of my blog? I need your comment to win the Benefit Spain competition! xx

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