Golden Globes 2013 // Best & Worst Dressed!*

Best Dressed!*

michelle dockery, alexandre vauthier , golden globes, 2013
Michelle Dockery in Alexandre Vauthier
Simple yet different. Gold and white create such a gorgeous contrast and the simplicity in which it's done, adds even more to the dress!*

golden globes, 2013 , amy adams, marchesa
Amy Adams in Marchesa
Gorgeous nude worn in such a classy way. She's absolutely wearing this dress!*

golden globes, 2013, eva longoria, emilio pucci
Eva Longoria in Emilio Pucci
Very racy, very revealing, very sexy but guess what?! It's Eva Longoria, she can wear anything she wants! Absolutely love the cut of the dress, even though it's very revealing, it just works! She looks absolutely stunning!*

golden globes, 2013, emily blunt, michael kors
Emily blunt in Michael Kors
For someone as demure as Emily Blunt, I love how sexy and confident she looks. The red accents add a bit of color and the dress fits her like a glove!* 

golden globes, 2013, jessica alba, oscar de la renta
Jessica Alba in Oscar de la Renta
Aaah, she's giving me an Oscars moment! So, SO glamorous! Love the color on her, love the style and fit of the dress, love the jewelry and I love how the clutch is covered in feathers in a deeper tone of the same color. So fun!*

golden globes, 2013, jennifer lopez , zuhair murad
Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad
Mami JLO never disappoints! The key to such dresses is having the nude lining match your own skin-tone perfectly. I bet Jenny from the block gave someone in this world a heart attack last night! Absolutely gorgeous, let's just say flawless, ok?!*

golden globes, 2013, heidi klum, alexandre vauthier
Heidi Klum in Alexandre Vauthier
Another heart attack waiting to happen. Too gorgeous! What absolutely makes this for me is the fact that everything is perfectly taken care of. The shoes, the accessories, the hair... Everything caters to accentuating the dress and making it pop! Well done, Heidi, Well done!*

golden globes, 2013, kate hudson, alexander mcqueen
Kate Hudson in Alexander McQueen
Very classy! Unlike Eva Longoria, Kate Hudson wears a more toned down and classy version of exposed cleavage and I love it! With the gold accents taken your eyes away from the cleavage, you have a perfect balance of classy and sexy!*

golden globes, 2013, julianne hough, monique lhuillier
Julianne Hough in Monique Lhuillier
This was probably one of my favorites. Very edgy and fierce yet classy. Love how the gold accents start so intense and diminish as you get closer to the floor. The accessories were kept to a minimum and her hair was kept out of her face, genius!*

golden globes, 2013, taylor swift, donna karan, atelier
Taylor Swift in Donna Karan Atelier
Did you recognize her? I sure didn't! But, I LOVE it! She stepped away from the sweetheart look and got edgy with it! Absolutely love how classy and feminine the gown is, yet she wears it so fiercely! Good job TayTay!*

Worst Dressed!*

golden globes, 2013, jodie foster, giorgio armani
Jodie Foster in Giorgio Armani
I understand her wanting to have some edge, keep it sexy and all but those cut outs just don't work! The material is unflattering, the contrast of the colors wash her out, the hair doesn't help... Just no!*

golden globes, 2013, sarah hyland, max azria , atelier
Sarah Hyland in Max Azria Atelier
Classic example of 'fit gone wrong'. Sarah has been blessed up top which she usually knows how to work with but this time it's a no go! Her boobs look squashed, the cinched waist isn't sitting at her natural waist which makes her boobs look long instead of perky and the peplum part makes her look bigger than she actually is... No, doll! Better luck next time!*

golden globes, 2013, sienna miller, erdem
Sienna Miller in Erdem
Just atrocious! Bah! Look at the fit, look at the cuts and above all, the dress is just ugly!*

golden globes, 2013, alexander mcqueen , nicole kidman
Nicole Kidman in Alexander McQueen
I have no clue what's up with Nicole Kidman. Another awards show, another wrong choice. This dress does nothing for her. The mid section and the neckline don't compliment each other at all! Bah!*

golden globes, 2013, adele burberry
Adele in Burberry
Granted, she doesn't look ugly or anything but *yaaaaaaaawn* How boring?! I wish Adele could show up in something else! She always wears the same thing on red carpets! Always long sleeved, to the floor and black. If you're afraid of leaving your precious black, try a deep plum, navy, burgundy... I don't care, just something else, please!*


simplyniina said...

adele needs to stop dress ing like shes 50 FOR GOD SAKES i mean shes barely 25 god danmit

Kimberly said...

Longoria's look was by far, my fave!! Loving these looks, thanks for sharing ;].


dongala (wanderer) said...

kate hudson at her best! (:

dongala (wanderer) said...

kate hudson at her best! (:

M. said...

LOL @ sienna millers outfit XD

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