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Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick .. €39,00 // De Bijenkorf

Hi loves.. I think it was in a favorites video that I heard one of my favorite Youtubers mention the Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick.. She hadn't said much about it except that it felt and looked like her own skin; in other words.. flawless! I thought if it was good enough for her, it was good enough for me.. 

Since I was running out of my Mac Matchmaster Foundation I took the plunge and switched to the Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick.. This meant that I was switching from liquid foundation to cream foundation.. I have the Bobbi Brown Under Eye Corrector which works beautifully so I knew what to expect..

I'm glad to report that Bobbi Brown did not disappoint..It took me about 2 uses to figure out which way of application works best for me.. I have heard others mention to apply the foundation with your fingers so it warms up the product and makes it easier to apply but I use it slightly different.. Since I fill in my brows, I take the stick, apply it in a 3 shape on my cheeks with an extra stripe for my edges.. I take the time to fill in my brows which gives the product time to warm up on my face.. I then take my Make-Up Studio Brush 37 and blend the product onto my face.. 

As you can see from my before picture, I have discoloration on my face.. My cheeks are lighter than the rest of my face which is why I start out on my cheeks and blend outwards.. 

The Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick goes on smoothly, has medium coverage which is perfect for daily use and lasts all day.. I have noticed that after a few minutes of application and as the product sets on your face it really does become like a 2nd skin and looks flawless..

I recommend using a good moisturizer before applying and make sure you keep your skin hydrated so it applies even smoother.. 

Another bonus of the Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick is that when you go to take it off, it really does come off completely.. After long days at work I usually use make up wipes to remove my make up and it seriously comes right off! Same goes for washing my face.. After washing my face I take a cotton pad with toner to remove any residue and at most, mascara or eyeliner residue is on the pad, no foundation whatsoever!

So, if you're considering trying out a new foundation or have been thinking about getting the Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick, I'd say run to the store before your shade runs out! 

Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick Shade Warm Honey 5.5

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