Outfit | Fisherman's House!*

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Sunglasses .. Marc by Marc Jacobs | Bralet ..  Ebay | Dress .. Forever 21 | Bag .. Bershka | Sandals .. Zara

Absolute perfection.. This is a fisherman's house.. There are a bunch of them lined up and it looks so bloody cute.. These are the things I love about island life.. Simple things can be so beautiful.. Probably even insignificant to others but they secretly make me so happy.. 

If you're a Tumblr or Pinterest addict like me, you've probably seen a similar dress like what I'm wearing by Brandy Melville.. This one is by Forever 21, costs less than Brandy Melville and it's pretty comfortable.. But, the wind ain't yo friend! I had to hold on for dear life but I managed.. Anyway, keep an eye out for Forever 21 stuff, you can save some pretty pennies!*



J. said...

How lovely it looks in the photos! You really make me want to visit Curacao now!

Trusen Whise said...

Super dress for work or formal wear and I can definitely see it working outside the office too <3

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