iLove | Patched Denim Jackets!*


Back in the day, the only patches I was familiar with, where those patches you would collect as a 'girl scout'. You know, work your *ss off so your uniform wouldn't look so boring and most importantly, let people know you're a nerdy overachiever. All jokes aside, who would've guessed that years later I would be obsessed.. Like, you don't get it.. I love it! 

Never have patches looked so good. And I love that it's one of those 'throw it over anything and look cool' items. I mean, I love patches in general; on shorts, shirts, t-shirts; I don't care, patch me up! But a patched denim jacket gives that instantly cool vibe. 

I have this army jacket I started patching up but due to the camo, it can get overwhelming so, next project? You guessed it! Collecting patches and making a bomb *ss patched denim jacket.. Stay tuned!


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