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Baseball Cap .. Vintage | Necklaces .. Gift & Lovelies by Loeloe | T-Shirt .. Bershka | Jeans .. Bershka | Slides .. Adidas | Bag .. Louis Vuitton 

Usually, on Saturdays I run errands.. Depending on my mood and how much sleep I've had, I'll dress up or down.. As you can see, this was a down day.. It's weirdly satisfying to walk around in just a jeans, t-shirt and some slides.. 

You'd think that the girly part of me would feel all boyish and uncomfortable, but no.. Comfortability up to 100.. I'm not sure how often I would repeat this outfit or any variation of it but for a change, it was nice..

Let's see what I'll wear this week.. I'll probably be back to dresses and skirts in no time!*


1 comment:

Paulina Augusto said...

i love this post, specially the place you are lol.
I need summer lol. Nice outfit !


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