Outfit | Gingham dress & lace up sandals!*

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Sunglasses .. Ray-Ban | Dress .. Shana | Bag .. Bershka | Sandals .. Aldo

Some patterns seem to come and go.. Gingham seems to be trendy but has actually been around since forever.. In all fairness it's not super easy to style but I surely do like the way it looks.. I think it's a matter of finding it on the right item.. Blair Eadie Bee from Atlantic Pacific has been styling gingham and many other patterns to perfection since forever and I always look to her for inspiration.. 

This Shana dress, in this particular color was giving me all the vibes.. I cinched the waist with a belt to give myself a bit more shape and I really liked how it looked with the lace up sandals, if I may say so myself.. Anyways, don't shy away from pattern, try it, you might love it!*


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