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As many of you know, I am a make-up enthusiast.. Just like many others, without any professional training, most of what I know, I learned from Youtube..

So, when Ashna Coster, a Make-Up Designory certified pro make up artist and beauty expert offered me a one one make-up class, how could I say no?!.. There are many techniques, tips and tricks that you're not going to find on Youtube and this one on one class gave me the chance to ask all the burning questions I had too..

The concept of the class is as follows; you bring all your own make-up products and tools so you can learn to get the best out of your own favorite products.. What you don't own, you get provided in the class..

Level 1 is focused on the basic; foundation, correcting, concealing and setting with powder. Level 2 is focused on contouring and more extensive techniques used by make-up artists.

At the beginning, you get the chance to ask questions, talk about things you would like to focus on so the class is completely tailored to your needs and wants. 

In my case, I brought up the fact that my skin color seems to change a lot so a product that worked for me today, might not work tomorrow. I was also very curious about high-end vs. lower end products and products that are holy grail products to Ashna. Even though it was a level 1 make-up class, I was a bit cheeky and asked about contouring and highlighting too. All my questions and topics I touched upon were handled.

The whole point of the class is for you to learn to do your make-up better, fall in love with doing it and most importantly, for you to become an educated consumer. It is also very important to focus on hygiene and be educated about how long products last and how to clean your tools.

I thoroughly enjoyed the class and felt very comfortable asking questions and learning new techniques. It's great to watch Youtube and learn but this one one class gave me the opportunity to learn hands on, see my work in comparison to a professionals work and better myself at how I do my make-up. Lashes weren't even part of the class but, guess who finally learned how to put on fake lashes?!

The techniques I learned and all the information gathered about color matching my foundation, correcting pigmentation issues, brightening the face, enhancing my own features and learning to apply fake strip and individual eyelashes; were surely new to me thus making the class absolutely worth it!

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