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Since we don't get hung up on seasons over here, when you see something that's technically a classic come back, you have to jump on it immediately.. Elsewhere it might be considered a hot item for Spring and Summer but I am here to tell you, this is a classic.. Ask yo momma!

I am loving it, dying for it, living for it.. Straw bags.. They go with everything! It instantly makes your outfit look super fun and effortlessly stylish! 

I love that smaller ones can be used as cute little day bags but can also pull an outfit together for the evening and the big ones are simply statement pieces.. 

It's the type of item that 'the outfit makes it', so if you're simply dressed, however you style it, it's appropriate.. It's also a must have if you're like me and have a closet full of whites.. It looks gorgeous!

Whether you like a bucket version, a shopper or a clutch, I can assure you, this is an item that will be with you forever!

They can be found all over, H&M, Forever 21, Zara, Mango, Topshop, even Aliexpress.. Hermes has one for the billionaires, Chanel has one for the millionaires and my favorite, the Prada for the Thousandaires!

Do you have one, are you looking?

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