THE outfiit!*

Ok, this outfit has been in my head since forever! I've been looking for a dress like this but I've yet to find the perfect one... I have no idea where in the world I'm going dressed like this but I'm sure somewhere will pop up!

I've been looking for an enormous statement necklace but just like the dress, no luck! The size is never right, I want one that just takes my breath away... One day I'll find it, otherwise I'll just make it!

I adore this look, you might think I'm too young to be looking this sophisticated but guess what... I LOVE it and when I'm older, I'm gonna dress like this every single day!

My motto: Dress like you're going to the Oscars!

Ms. Allee...xXx
Hunting by shn0epiie featuring a multicolor necklace (in other words: made by ME on Polyvore)

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