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I was surfing the instyle website and ran into this article/gallery...
I'm a big Kim Kardashian fan, mostly because she managed to turn a negative into a positive and lets face it, that body of hers is a gift from the 'perfect body Gods'!

Another reason I'm a big fan is because of her style and the fact that real  women can relate to her when it comes to having curves...

So here goes, Kim K's 5 tips for dressing a curvy body:

1. Find a great tailor: Anything you wear should be proportioned to your body, and a good tailor will make sure everything fits perfectly. Shortening a hem line on a dress can make a huge difference!

2. Accentuate your waist: Show off that tiny waist! Adding a belt makes your outfit look more polished!

3. Avoid oversize tops and dresses:  Flowy tops and dresses are not flattering on a curvy figure. They can make you look pregnant and they look sloppy in photos!

4. Embrace shapewear: Every woman from a size 0-14 should own Spanx! Shapewear have a firm control  that makes your body look smoother and slimmer under fitted dresses without leaving any lines!

5. Love your curves: Being confident and owning your body is sexy!

Now, to be completely honest, the reason I share this with you is because I've applied these tips and they work!

Remember, the secret to looking and feeling great is confidence!

Tooodles...Ms. Allee...xXx

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