H&M Golden Tip !*

Hello loves...

Ever waited till it was sale season for that one special item but then you couldn't find it?

Ever doubted whether or not to buy that dress?

Well, let me tell you, i'm the ultimate bargain shopper! I don't waste a cent on normal prices...(unless I can't live without it...or I KNOW that it will never go on sale,like Longchamp bags!)

Anyways, I love H&M, even though everybody wears it, they always have some particular items that call my name! Now, I don't have a money tree and those items won't quit calling my name!

So, for all my fellow 'I-ain't-got-no-money-tree-dolls'...I have a tip for you!

I know you guys shop online or you atleast check out the items online before you go to the store...

Maintenance on the H&M website happens from like 2AM to around 4AM...This means, after 4AM you're supposed to be able to see the latest updates on what's in stock etc...

You know why you can never find that dress on sale in your size? Because you're TOO late!

The perfect time to shop is around 6AM!...Around 4AM, the shopping option is available again but the complete assortment isn't online yet (especially in the sale section!)...So,6AM it is!

So, Golden Tip:

Wanna find that dress you've been dying for in the sale section? Get Your Tuchus Up And Shop the Morning Away!

Another tip: In the middle of sale season, check out items in the store before you buy them online because you might find it cheaper in the store!

Hope you'll find that dress...Ms.Allee...xXx

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