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Hello loves...

I love to read fashion blogs, I have a whole bunch that I read daily aswell as new ones I discover every day...

In my daily pile of reads, there is one blogger who is my absolute favorite! Her name is Chiara Ferragni...

Her blog? The Blonde Salad
(Tip: Bookmark & Visit Daily!)

Her blog is her fashion diary and she blogs about everything from a normal day in her life to exclusive fashion events she attends. And ofcourse documenting her outfits along the way!
Her personality shines through and her posts are very sincere...
She's like a real life Barbie!

I love it! I love her style! I love her adventures! I love her trips! I love everything about it!
Who is she? As she states:  ''Student, blogger, fashionist but above all Life lover!''

She's just amazing!
She has the best sense of style and the cutest puppy =)

I present to you, The Barbie herself...Chiara Ferragni...

Isn't she the best?...Ms. Allee...xXx

Images via The Blonde Salad

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