Hello mi darlingks!

One of my favorite brands is Herve Leger...

I love how easy it is to instantly look stunning in their dresses...
The dresses are very much ''put on some accessories and go''!
They're sexy, classy and feminine!

Eventhough they're very pricey I hear they're extremely worth it, but for us students, I guess we'll just have to take it in as inspiration!

I was just checking out their website and ofcourse I had to pick my favorites from the Spring '11 collection!

 Adobe Combo Genevieve Rubber-Printed Lace Bandage Dress

 Adobe Francesca Leather And Bandage Panner Dress

 Bare Courtney Bandage And Organza Panner Dress

 Black Victoria Rubber-Printed Lace Bandage Dress

 English Rose Sofia Bandage And Organza Cutout Panner Dress

 Light Bare Grace Rubber-Printed Lace Bandage Dress

 Silver Bridgette Foil-Printed Corset Dress

Remember these when shopping for your next dress...Ms. Allee...xXx
Images via Herve Leger

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