Thought of today!*

Hello loves...

Haven't told you much in a while... So today I'm gonna tell you what's on my mind...

Today is my day off and as I would normally do on my days off, I'm dying to go shopping! The closer I am to my finishline, the more I'm dying to shop! I really want to go to Primark (They have a cheap version of everything) and since I woke up so early it doesn't help either! When you get to Primark early the things you find are so much better than when you go in the middle of the day and it's extremely busy! Or, to avoid all the people, going before the store closes also helps but than you wouldn't know what you've missed from the whole day!

Oh well, 2 more weeks to go!!!!! I can't believe I'm actually holding up this well...

On the other hand, I'm dying for these River Island heels...

So, I'm thinking I'll probably buy these first (if they have them in store, I hope they do *fingerscrossed*) and than go crazy at Primark...

Oh Gosh, I don't know, so MUCH catching up to do!

OMG! I'm so in love with them, can you imagine these with some bright pink toe nails? Or red? Or Orange?
I need them! 

I promise that if I get them, I'll wear them atleast 30 times...hehehe...I absolutely love them!

So, March 1st (shoppingban lift) is on a Tuesday, so I guess on that Wednesday I'll go see if I can get them...OMG! 2 more weeks!

*Update* Just checked...I have SpringBreak then! Woooohooo! So the 1st it is!

My heart is beating in my forehead...I can't wait!

I'm so excited!...Ms. Allee...xXx

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