Hello loves...

Don't have much to tell...Yesterday I told you I had to run to go find nail polish on sale...Let me tell you, the world doesn't know that I am the Catrice Queen! Can you believe that the nail polishes were almost sold out? I only scored one...ONE! How can that be? I got Catrice - 450 - Sand Francisco (It's like beige with a gold touch)... Since it was a make up sale, I also got the Catrice Mousse and the Catrice Eyeliner pen (it's glorious)...

I'm telling you, this class I have at one is gonna be the death of me! I swear, for the life of me, I can not make it on time! I was early today, got in the building on time, sat behind the computer on time, couldn't print,tried dealing with it and entered the class late! Every week I try and try...The time Gods are against me! Thank God so little people show up to class (6 people,uhu) that she doesn't kick me out but still...I feel horrible, especially when I try so hard and still can't make it on time...Boo!

Anyways, this is what I bought that camel scarf for...I've had this outfit in mind for a long time and today I finally wore it...Love!

Primark Denim Jacket & Scarf...H&M Shirt,Pants & Rings...Asos Watch...Bracelet - Unknown

How was your day?...Ms. Allee...xXx


Andee Layne said...

love this look! perfect springtime effortless look xo

Devil_kin said...

so nice colour and fabric combination.

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