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Sunglasses .. Porsche Design | T-Shirt .. Adidas | Skirt .. Zara | Sneakers .. Nike Air Max 90

You know how you graduate, start adulting, start packing, ship your stuff and eventually move.. Except your stuff don't arrive?! Welcome to my life! This is as much a rant as it is a casual blogpost.. 
So, I packed and shipped my stuff (15% furniture 85% clothes) way before I was supposed to arrive because I wanted my beloved children to wait for my arrival so I could pick them up.. Fast forward a month later.. I arrive, I wait on notification about my children and nothing, zilch.. Nada! So, I e-mail the company like yo, fam! Wassup?! And they're like.. Well.. You're children got booked wrong and will arrive a month later.. They must not know about me! They must not know, that I and my children are one! I was hella upset and wrote a strongly worded e-mail, no cursing tho, because as mentioned before, I started adulting.. But believe me you, I felt like my life was ruined because decorating the house is a piece of cake compared to allocating all my children aka clothes in their respective places.. The amount of clothes that need to be allocated is no joke and creating a walk-in closet is not a laughing matter.. And worst of all, I am stuck with the children I left behind on my last visit home.. Mind you, I love them dearly but my selection is limited.. Like this outfit, I had intentions on wearing it for a night out, but here we are.. Optionless and prematurely wearing outfits! But oh well.. Right?!*


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