Outfit | Make that tan pop!*

girly outfit girly outfit girly outfit girly outfit girly outfit
Sunglasses .. Ray-Ban | Blouse .. Forever 21 | Skirt .. H&M | Bag .. Zara | FlipFlops .. Havaianas

Since being back on the island I am well aware that I need to bear through the process of getting used to the lifestyle again.. Every now and then I catch myself doing things I used to do when living in Holland, which in this case was bringing along extra footwear.. Now mind you, almost every girl here has extra shoes in their car but that's most likely forgotten shoes from nights before or some kinda weird scenario.. Anyways, I had extra footwear (flipflops) with me because I drive one feet bare and couldn't be bothered to tie up my sandals before heading out..

So, I head out in flipflops and put on sandals on arrival.. Well.. Guwrrrl.. I proceeded as planned.. 10 steps in the damn sandal broke! Thank goodness not a damn soul saw me because I was walking lopsided and would have been embarrassed as hell.. I went back to my car and thanked the shoe Lords I was still near my car and that I actually had something else with me..

Such a shame though because the sandals looked totally cute with this outfit.. But oh well.. May they rest in peace!*


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