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Sunglasses .. Ray-Ban | Top .. Bershka | Skirt .. New Look | Flip Flops .. Havaianas

You know what I just realized, I truly love blogging.. So often, what has been the case for me anyways, is that life gets in the way.. I'm either too busy with things that seem to be of priority at the moment or I get stuck in a rut or for some particular reason I just don't feel like doing anything in life.. But then, I try to get myself together again and force a post here and there.. I have to say, I actually really enjoy doing it and checking other peoples blogs gets me so inspired and in a good mood.. It's such a shame that I forget this while going through life.. Anyways, enough about my sudden realizations.. How have y'all been?

I'm not gonna promise more frequent posts or anything of the sorts but I will try to do my best and maintain my baby.. Let's see how I do in 2016.. Oh, in case you had a weird January like me, 2016 officially start February 1st, so Happy New New Year.. lol!



Cátia Rodrigues said...

You always look gorgeous dear. Such an inspiration!

Joelle said...

I absolutely feel you. Sometimes I believe we need more than 24 hours a day to accomplish all the things we want.

Maar komt goed! Meanwhile, we keep enjoying your looks!

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