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Make Up Brushes .. Ebay

Hello darlings.. Aside from the actual products you use, the brushes you use also have a big effect as to how flawless your make up will look.. Now, I can honestly say that the hella expensive brand make up brushes are on a different level, quality wise but I have found some brushes that can hold me down while I become a millionaire..

I found these brushes on Ebay.. Can you believe it? Ebay! And for hella cheap! The search terms you should use are '10 pc kabuki brushes' and done.. A whole list at your disposition.. Honestly, I just bought the cheapest option from China.. It took about two weeks to arrive and OMG.. They are SO soft and unbelievably dense.. 

The brushes don't exactly come with names or explanation as to which brush is for what, so I just use them as I see fit.. But, foundation applies flawlessly.. Setting it with powder, seamlessly.. Using the fluffy smaller brushes to blend eyeshadow.. Amazing! I can't rave about these brushes enough.. I'm sure that after you buy your first set, you'll buy a second one.. Next to being effective, they look super cute on the vanity so, hey.. Go get yourself some!*


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