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Sunglasses .. Ray-Ban | Dress .. The Hanger | Bag .. Louis Vuitton | Sandals .. Pull & Bear

Street art and murals are things I absolutely live for.. So, when this local artist started this piece of art I was secretly overjoyed.. I work in the neighborhood so it was a treat to see its progression and finally be able to admire the end result which is this beautiful piece of art..

It's called '3 o'clock romance' by Francis Sling.. The thought behind it is very interesting to me.. 
The mural depicts the budding romance between two birds that enjoy each other’s company on a lone tree branch one day. Then the next day the birds, the memory of their previous amorous encounter still fresh in their consciousness, fly to meet each other once again. And so they repeat it the day after that, and the next day, and the next.
And they do this without making any agreements to rendezvous. They go about their business and the fact that they fly back to that branch at 3 o’clock is a tacit affair, they simply go there hoping the other will be waiting.
“And this interaction between these two birds is a symbol for relationships between people. In my opinion that’s how you know they really want to be around each other; when their agreements are implicit. That’s how a solid foundation is laid for a romantic interaction to evolve into a two month relationship, a five year relationship.
Because if they were to make overt promises to frequently be around each other, they would eventually only be doing so to keep their promise to one another. It would become about the promise instead of the partner.
And this chimes with the question of the validity of monogamy. Is everyone really meant to meet one partner, get married and lead a conventional family life?” (Source: Skempi - please click to read the full article)
An interesting thought represented by a beautiful mural.. If you're ever on the island or you have yet to visit the piece, please do so.. It's beautiful in pictures but absolutely gorgeous in person!*
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