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Hello loves.. Longtime no see.. I've disappeared into thin dust again, I know, I know.. Bad blogger vibes.. But, as you can see from the images above, I've been up to thangs! 

A friend of mine was getting married so I hopped on the plane for the occasion; destination Amsterdam! It was a wonderful 3 week break from life.. I won't lie and say I missed living in Holland but I sure did miss my friends and family.. Time flew by pretty fast but I made sure to see everyone I wanted to see, visit all the places I wanted to visit, eat all the food I wanted to eat and buy all the stuff I wanted to buy.. All by all, a fabulous vacation!

Now.. back to saving so we can go on the next one but in the mean time, I'm back to enjoying island life!

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Sujenne said...

Been following you on insta and your pictures always makes me happy. But don't go away for long again. I love reading blogposts of you.

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