Happy 2018!*

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Here we are again.. In the blink of an eye, we made it to another beginning.. In retrospect, 2017 flew by.. There were moments that seemed to last forever and moments I wished never passed but everything comes and goes..

2017, was an indescribable year.. I wouldn't say it was the best but it absolutely was not the worst.. On a personal, emotional and mental level there is still a couple of things I need to address and give a place but they are mostly leftovers from 2016..

2017 has taught me to hold on to my heart's desires and be grateful for the small, big and everything in between.. Oh, and also, to be patient and to not be so hard on myself..

Remember the vision board I spoke about last year, guess what, I managed to accomplish the most important things on the board and I am incredibly happy about it.. This year, a new vision board will be up.. 

My goals are not that much different but I have added a new goal which is to focus on me more.. Selfcare and selflove are so, so important and sometimes you get lost in being there for others while you yourself need it the most.. I have decided to do away with anything/anyone that drains my energy, is irrelevant to my goals or messes with my focus.. It's not easy but in order to reach new heights, you need to let go of things that weigh you down..

So.. 2018 here we are.. I hope to be better and do better so I can look back on another year where I have accomplished the most important things on the list..

How's your 2018 looking?

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