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Hat .. Local Shop | Earrings .. B'Seen by Mary'J | Sunglasses .. Quay Australia | Blouse .. Shana | Pants .. Shana | Slides .. Aldo | Bag .. Ebay

This is what I mean when I'm talking about casually dressing up outfits.. Shana is a young and trendy brand, but excuse me as my womanly self passes through! 

I absolutely loved this outfit because it works for many occasions and is simply a classic.. From the polka dots to the high-waisted white pants.. I feel very, and I mean VERY Elvira Hancock in this attire..

I don't even know what else to tell you because as you can imagine, I was very comfortable being and feeling bougie and just living my best life! To me this is my 'beach-less Sunday' attire.. Just walking around looking and feeling bougie, it's a complete and utter vibe!

Anyways, if this just so happens to be too much for you.. You could obviously lose the accessories and shine with simply the blouse and the pants, you'll still look just as fabulous! 

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