Outfit | Red Flame

Dress.. Shana | Sunglasses .. Shana | Heels .. Asos

Haven't been wearing color for the longest.. I have the odd colored outfit here and there but lately I've been stuck on my black leggings and white shirt vibe again..

But then, I walked into Shana and this little number just stood out to me.. I doubted, asked the girls about and after a little stare session in the fitting room, it was in the bag!

The color is simply everything.. This happens to me every time, I fall in the black and white rut, put on color and I'm ready to slay like I never went away!

On another note, those futuristic sunglasses, I was afraid of them, don't really think they suit me but after trying these on.. I feel the vibe.. It's oddly not me but still me.. Not sure about them yet on their own but paired like this with the high ponytail.. feelin' it!

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