Outfit | Back to Black

Sunglasses - Top - Skirt - Belt Bag | Shana x FashionNova .. Sneakers | Nike

Here I go again, back to black.. This time I simply could not resist, this set is simply everything! Initially, I was ready to pair this set with heels and glam it up but then I simply was not in the mood for heels.. And you know what, I'm the type, after wearing something out, I wear it casually, so here it is, the set, casually..

I love, love, love it! 
And in case it still hasn't registered, it's by FashionNova.. aka Shana now carries FashionNova! So excite! The set is very versatile, what I liked also was that the slit on the skirt is very subtle, not too high, not too sexy, just right. The belt bag over it, dresses it down along with the sneakers and the sunglasses just gives it that extra edginess!

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