Outfit | Futuristic Vintage

Sunglasses .. Shirt .. belt | Shana .. Shorts | H&M .. Heels | Dune

You know how you've been feeling the vibe, but the vibe is not really your vibe, but you like the vibe? That's what it's been like for me lately.. 

I've been loving the futuristic sunglasses on others but it's not so much my thing.. I've been loving the vintage vibe with the chain belts, this one however, is my thing but I have yet to find the absolute perfect all gold chain belt (ideally a vintage Chanel that obviously I can't afford but hey, let me dream in peace!).. Lastly, the biker shorts thing, it's not me really but it is tho.. I've been loving it (a blogpost on it soon!)..

Anyway, as I combine all of these trends, Shana had everything I needed for this look and I absolutely LOVE it! Could I be anymore excited? No! haha.. I love a store that carries everything you would need for a look, so convenient! Anyways, which trends have you been feeling lately?

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